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Choose your unlimited*^+ no-contract talk, text and data plan.

Choose the best plan for your smartphone and your life

That’s why, when you choose your smartphone at Get It Now!, you can also choose to add an unlimited no-contract, 30-day talk, text and data plan from a variety of options. From data to coverage to affordable rates, you’ll have the flexibility to get the wireless plan you need for your life – even when those needs change – with:

  • • Unlimited*^ Talk, Text and Data
  • • Nationwide Coverage
  • • Free International Calling To Select Countries*^

Or, if you already have a talk, text and data plan, you can use your existing network in most cases.

Which Wireless Service Is Right for Me?


Get the best 4G LTE networks for up to half the cost. Unlimited* talk, text and data plans start at just $40 a month.

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Serious about data? Get up to 5GB with unlimited talk/text – including international – and save some serious money.

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Use Your Own Plan

Simply purchase a smartphone from Get It Now!, connect it to your existing plan, and you’re good to go.

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Your Existing Plan

Refill Your Minutes

Purchase additional minutes to your talk, text and data plan at any Get It Now! location.

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