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Samsung Galaxy S9

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Samsung J7 Neo

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About Smartphones and Cell Phone Plans at Get It Now!

When you want the latest and greatest smartphones and cell phone plans, look no further than Get It Now!

The smartphones in our lineup have the high-tech features you need for taking photos, emailing, playing games, streaming, texting, and talking. And to make life even easier, the cell phone plans at Get It Now! are designed to be flexible, so you can stay on budget while meeting your voice, text, and data usage needs. You can sign up for a month or longer — and you can even opt to use your own existing network in many cases when you purchase a smartphone from Get It Now!

So whether you like to text and share photos, or want to call friends and family nationally and internationally to select countries, we’ve got phone plans with the coverage you’re looking for. Want to compare cell phone plans online? We make that easy, too. Just select the “Compare Plans” tab to see the specific details of our cell phone plans. (We also have the cheapest phone plans around!)

Our customers love the smartphones at Get It Now! because we offer low weekly or monthly payment plans, and because everyone’s approved for smartphone purchases with easy in-house financing. Features vary among cell phone plans, but the choices include unlimited talk, text, and data; nationwide coverage; and free international calling to select countries. It’s hard to imagine life without a smartphone, and with Get It Now!, you can take advantage of cell phone deals and cell phone plans today.

Visit your nearest Get It Now! location to learn more about cheap smartphones and cheap phone plans — and you’ll be talking and texting in no time.